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How to Choose the Right Window Treatments for your Tampa Home


Choose the right window treatments for your Tampa home and you can create beautiful and functional focal points that transition the beauty of your rooms to the world outside.

When it comes to choosing the right custom drapery and window treatments it’s not only about beauty. Because of our Tampa weather, your window treatments will actually play a very important role in:

  • Privacy
  • Light Management
  • Functionality
  • Energy savings
  • Appearance


Let us help you choose the right decorative and practical solutions for your Tampa home, by addressing each of these issues. Call us for a free consultation today at (813) 949-3100.

We specialize in window coverings, drapery and bedding for Tampa, Lutz, and the entire Tampa bay area.

Privacy is a primary consideration for bathroom and bedroom windows. But it’s just as important to keep prying eyes from seeing into other living areas, the kitchen, laundry room, etc.

Light management includes a window treatment’s ability to control the amount of sunlight that enters the room as well as its ability to reduce outdoor lighting’s impact on furnishings and sleeping areas. When you live in an area with extreme high temperatures like Tampa, the right window treatments can also add a layer of insulation between the window glass and the room.

Functionality is all about how the window treatment opens and closes, or if it opens and closes at all. Some window treatments and custom drapery are designed to be in either a permanently open or closed position. Everything else is designed to open or close using drawstrings or other motorization. Your window treatment & custom bedding specialists in the Tampa area.

The key here is to match functionality with the window treatment’s location. Safety or breakaway cords are a must for homes with small children. Pole-operated or remote control openers are an ideal solution for windows located far above floor level. Cranks, poles and levers are a common feature found on Tampa window treatments.

And then of course, there’s appearance. Once you’ve decided on the best light-controlling, knob-turning window treatments and custom drapery, it’s time to choose a color palette, material and style to coordinate with the room’s décor.

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Let us help you choose the right decorative and practical solutions for your Tampa home, by calling us for a free consultation today at (813) 949-3100


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